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Triathlon is a demanding sport drawing athletes from 3 grueling disciplines. Bike shops and sporting goods stores have been around for decades serving swimmers, runners, or cyclists and some rare shops are able, to some extent, to embrace all three. But just as the ability to swim, bike, and run does not make an athlete a triathlete, so a shop that has goggles, pedals and running shoes under one roof is not necessarily a triathlon shop.


The idea for Rancho Endurance Sports (RES) was conceived over a decade ago in Rocklin, CA under a similar name, Rocklin Endurance Sports. Rich Burns grew to be respected and admired across Northern California for his love for and understanding of the sport of triathlon. Expert at bike fit and personally experienced in triathlon, Rich has made a lasting powerful impression on the sport of Triathlon in the Greater Sacramento Area. 

In 2021, RES was reborn as Rancho Endurance Sports in Rancho Cordova, California. The reorganization, enthusiastically cheered by the local triathlon community, was launched from the joint passions of business partners and outdoor enthusiasts Lena Oslesky and Scott Swinton as they joined with Rich Burns to again serve the Triathlon community.

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Becky & Scott


Lena and Aaron_edited.png

Lena Oselsky


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Rich Burns

General Manager

Professional Bike Fitter

Sonja and Ari.jpg

Sonja Tollefsen

Assistant Manager

Scott and Becky Swinton, their 5 children, and a small cat are enthusiastic about outdoor life. Scott has run several marathons and trail ultra-marathons and is an avid mountain and road biker. Scott and Becky enjoy the quiet of long Sunday afternoon hikes in the Bay Area hills. They find artistic expression in collaborating on design and construction projects for their community and home, and are active in local non-profits. The cat is ambivalent about construction, non-profits, and pretty much everything except lying in the sun and getting scratched behind the ears. The rest of the Swintons envision RES  bringing families and communities together through sport and teamwork.

A lifelong athlete, Rich turned to triathlon in 2009 when he had grown weary of “just running all the time”. He quickly realized that there were no triathlon specific shops in the Sacramento area to call home, and to get help with finding products necessary to do all three components of the sport of triathlon. By 2013, he filled the community’s need and opened Rocklin Endurance Sports, which remained in business until 2019. Fast forward to 2021 when he was approached by Lena and Scott to bring his knowledge, expertise, and passion back to the community by spearheading the birth of Rancho Endurance Sports. It would not be unusual on weekends during football season to find Rich enjoying the games of college and NFL teams.


In August 2021, Sonja joined the RES team, after spending five years expanding her knowledge of all things running in the run specialty industry. Her triathlon journey began in 2001, and the passion for the sport eventually led her to obtaining her certification as a personal trainer and run coach. She spent several years coaching with Total Body Fitness, and interned with our very own Tim Sorensen. When Sonja is not working or training for triathlons, she prefers to be outdoors with the sun on her face, enjoying beautiful California or trips to our National Parks.



Rancho Endurance Sports has teamed up with Multisport Endurance Academy Owner and Coach, Tim Sorensen to provide his expertise to our customers through seminars, clinics, and coaching services to triathletes of all levels.

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An Ironman veteran, Tim was introduced to triathlon in 1998.  Since then, he has trained, raced, and studied in order to share his passion for the multisport lifestyle.  With his certifications as a health & fitness professional from National Academy of Sports Medicine, and USA Triathlon, Ironman University, and Precision Nutrition, he can bring his experiences in training and racing to you.


Whether you want a personal best in your next triathlon or to shed a few pounds and keep up with the younger kids, Tim will work with you to achieve the results you desire with the most innovative exercise techniques and proper nutrition. His goal is to empower individuals to achieve a higher level of overall health & fitness through personalized individual and group training programs.

For more information about Tim's coaching services, visit his website.

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